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Looking at ‘Noah’ through lens of Jewish tradition
Epic films based on the Hebrew Bible have never quite gone away, but this once-popular genre has become very sporadic. Aside from “Prince of Egypt” in 1998 and “One Night with the King” in 2006, it...
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Rodef Shalom to welcome refugees at its community Seder
This Passover, Rodef Shalom Congregation will invite guests to its community Seder who have much to share on the subject of freedom: They are refugees from the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan and the E...
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Professor, rabbis disagree over legality of rabbinic hiring rules
Anyone serving on a rabbinic search committee for a Reform or Conservative congregation quickly learns one thing: there are rules. And those rules control, at least to some degree, which rabbis are...
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Five-part ‘Story of the Jews’ premieres on PBS
It’s impossible to tell the story of the Jews in five hours, but Simon Schama comes pretty close. Schama, a British historian, documentarian and contributing editor to the Financial Times, is the h...
Mar 19, 2014 | 1 1 comments | 23 23 recommendations | email to a friend
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From Homeland to PSO, Judaism infuses star’s performances
Mandy Patinkin, the actor, has been celebrated for decades for roles ranging from the revenge-seeking swashbuckler Inigo Montoya in the iconic film “The Princess Bride,” to his Emmy-winning portray...
Mar 17, 2014 | 0 0 comments | 23 23 recommendations | email to a friend
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‘Cupcakes’ a sweet opening to this year’s JFilm Festival
This year’s JFilm festival will open with a good laugh instead of a dark drama. “Cupcakes,” an Israeli comedy, which garnered positive reviews from the Jerusalem Post, will be the opening night mov...
Mar 06, 2014 | 0 0 comments | 27 27 recommendations | email to a friend
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Twersky so much more deserving than a small sendoff
Al Twersky died in early February. Newspapers printed the small obituary, 16 short lines mentioning Edith, his beloved wife of 62 years, his two sons, Jack and Jeffrey, his two grandchildren, Emma ...
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The future of Jewish nonprofits: Let the Millenials drive
In 2007, a friend reached out to me for help. Her uncle was a long-term resident at the Reuth Medical Center in Tel Aviv, and she requested that I join her on the American Friends of Reuth’s Young ...
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Beating back the assault on Israel’s legitimacy
NEW YORK — Leaders of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement say they are protesting Israel’s policies in the West Bank. They are doing far more than that. BDS advocates routinely oppose a ...
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Islamic Jihad terrorists fire dozens of rockets at Israel in largest attack in two years

Dozens of rockets were fired at southern Israel on Wednesday by the Palestinian terrorist group Islamic Jihad, in the largest rocket attack on the Jewish state since Operation Pillar of Defense in ...
Mar 12, 2014 | 0 0 comments | 27 27 recommendations | email to a friend
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Hadassah hospital agrees to pay wages and delay layoffs
Staffers at the Hadassah Medical Organization's Ein Kerem campus in Jerusalem were overjoyed on Wednesday to learn that the hospital has agreed to pay their wages in full and to postpone impending ...
Feb 20, 2014 | 0 0 comments | 39 39 recommendations | email to a friend
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Google purchases fifth Israeli company, SlickLogin

Google has purchased its fifth Israeli company, the Tel Aviv-based start-up SlickLogin; its technology verifies and authenticates user identity (when logging onto a website) by using an audio signa...
Feb 17, 2014 | 0 0 comments | 37 37 recommendations | email to a friend
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Mommy and me
<i>Mommy and me at Chabad of the South Hills with Morah Batya Rosenblum</i>
Mommy and me at Chabad of the South Hills with Morah Batya Rosenblum

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This just in
Something to Sing About
Nine talented teens from Pittsburgh’s Jewish community were among a group from across the United States and Israel that participated in the 21st annual Gala Concert of HaZamir: The International Je...
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Re-envisioned Frick Aims for Crowds
Members of the Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition and Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy joined Councilman Corey O’Connor at the Children’s Institute to publicly address progress on the Frick Environmental Ce...
Apr 10, 2014 | 2 2 comments | 8 8 recommendations | email to a friend
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Bulletproof ballads
Chatham University’s campus was rocked on Saturday night by the Bulletproof Stockings, a name that playfully pokes fun at the thick opaque tights worn by Orthodox Jewish women and whose members are...
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Community forum on public schools draws Jewish interest
There is a deep bond between the Jewish community and Pittsburgh Public Schools, and Marshall Dayan recognizes it. “Our community has traditionally been educated in the Pittsburgh Public Schools, a...
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Earlier this week in fog city, a young reporter was assaulted for wearing Google Glass. A woman r...
Ifrane is a small resort town tucked into Morocco’s Middle Atlas Mountains about two hours north ...
Back in the early 1980s, two populations found their lives upended by the AIDS epidemic in Americ...
Normally a month filled with the joy of both Passover and Easter, April 1936 was colored by occur...
By now, everyone’s found someone to blame for the apparent failure of the latest round of Israeli...

A recent conference focused on how to revitalize Latin American Jewish communities that have been losing members to bigger cities.

2014-04-17 18:14:55 -0400

The United States and Israel are creating a working group to help Israel advance toward joining the visa waiver program.

2014-04-17 17:21:51 -0400

Supporters of the imprisoned American subcontractor want the U.S. government to ‘do whatever it takes’ to win his freedom from Cuba.

2014-04-17 17:12:59 -0400

Bokra says the site is attracting 850,000 unique visitors a day with its mix of journalism and public advocacy.

2014-04-17 16:27:19 -0400
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