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  The Beet-Eating Heeb - The Beet-Eating Heeb is a blog for Jewish vegetarians, Jewish vegans, and all Jews whose concerns about food are not limited to how it tastes. The blog will feature:

•A serious examination of what the Torah has to say about food. The laws of kashrut matter, but there is much more.
•A curating and analysis of news about relevant food issues. The Beet-Eating Heeb spent 18 years in journalism, so he knows how to spot a good story, presumably.
•Interviews with rabbis, food experts, activists, vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, pescatarians and carnivores. But BEH draws the line at freegans. (Google it. You’ll understand.)

This blog is not affiliated with Heeb Magazine.

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William Daroff at The Quiet Storm in Pittsburgh He Has Clout in Washington and Klout in Social Media -- and He's Vegan by thebeeteatingheeb
Vegans might feel virtually invisible within the Jewish community as a whole. But The Beet-Eating Heeb is here to deliver hope. One of the most visible Jews in the Social Media World – and, these d...
The cover of "Holy Eating." "Holy Eating" -- How Do You Define It? -- A Beet-Eating Heeb Book Review by thebeeteatingheeb
If the Beet-Eating Heeb were to write a book, he might call it "Holy Eating." After all, what two words better describe Jewish veganism? So imagine The Beet-Eating Heeb's surprise (he won't say dis...
Factory farmers don't want Congress to interfere in their abuse of animals. What Factory Farmers Are Telling Congress -- and Why We Should Thank Them for It by thebeeteatingheeb
You might have guessed by now that The Beet-Eating Heeb does not hold the factory-farming industry in the highest of regard. But the vegan advocacy movement, of which BEH counts himself as a proud ...
"Hey, Moishe, it actually does say in the Torah that we're supposed to eat a plant-based diet." The Torah Verse that Turned Two Meat-Eaters into Beet-Eaters by thebeeteatingheeb
You don’t need to unfurl the Torah scroll too much, or turn too many pages in your Bible, to find the foundational verses of religion-based veganism. It’s right there in the opening chapter of Gene...
A typical American cage for egg-laying hens. The Food-Industry Story That Shocked The Beet-Eating Heeb -- And Will Surprise You Too by thebeeteatingheeb
The Beet-Eating Heeb was driving (in his Prius) to his day job one recent morning when NPR aired a startling report that described such bizarre bedfellows … Well, BEH feels fortunate he didn’t drif...
AV81_Beet_Eating_Heeb_icon.jpg The Beet-Eating Heeb Has Arrived by thebeeteatingheeb
Welcome to the Beet-Eating Heeb Blog, which aspires to be nothing less than your Web address for meaningful discussions of food issues. The Beet-Eating Heeb (BEH for short) lives at the intersectio...