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by alongtheserivers
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Hi Poetry Lovers,


Taking the opportunity to let you know about the publication and public events in connection to the release of my new book, CAROUSEL. 

Carousel is a collection of poetry and fiction, just published by Lummox Press, of Palo Alto, California. Lummox is an interesting publisher: their website is worth a look. lummoxpress.com

The title poem was recently published as a video by "Helen, A Literary Journal". see


I am including a schedule of readings/events, all coming soon.

I would love to meet you, readers! I would love to have any and all interested parties attend!


Spring 2017 Reading Schedule for CAROUSEL


April 6, Thursday, 7:00 PM: Book Launch Party

City of Asylum/Alphabet City

40 W. North Ave.

Pgh. PA 15212

alphabetcity.org -- please click on for free reservations


April 20, Thursday, 6:30 pm

Art & Inspiration Series

Shaler North Hills Library

1822 Mt. Royal Blvd.

Glenshaw, PA 15116

with Hiram Larew, visiting poet from Washington, DC.



April 21, Friday, 7:00 PM: With Hiram Larew and Lawrence Wray

The SouthSide Presbyterian Church Café

1926 Sarah St.

Pgh, PA 15203

with poets Lawrence Wray and Hiram Larew, see above


May 12, Friday, 6:00 PM

Zed’s Café Poetry Series

8225 Georgia Ave.

Silver Springs, MD 20910


June 3, Saturday, 8:00 pm

Spinning Plate Gallery

5821 Baum Blvd. 15206

in conjunction with Richard Caraval's art exhibit

This is the press release statement about the book:

ABOUT CAROUSEL by Judith R. Robinson

"For me, reading and writing are the two sides of world-exploration. Poems and stories, at their best, are at once both unique and all-embracing, and as necessary to a fully realized life as food and drink---and more, a human pleasure. My hope is that this book will bring a measure of satisfaction to readers. While "Carousel," contains new material, it is also the culmination of many years of work and publication.  I am grateful to my publisher, Lummox Press, and its editor, RD Armstrong, for an opportunity to share this writing and, hopefully, to cross the bridge from the personal to the universal."

Finally, a sample poem:




I hope to kiss both my grandmothers,

who I have missed all my life,

to have them cradle & comfort me,

as curled in their arms

and no longer numb, I cry.


I cry as I am rocked back & forth

and passed between them;

my grandmothers’ hands stroke my skin

until the ravages of life

that have branded me, 

are healed & I am pink & tender

& new as first wildflowers.


Then my grandmothers croon

the truth, a cadence sweet & simple,

and at once the onionskin layers

of mind-papering are peeled away

and the confusion that reigned

shoots high & away & scatters~~~

buck-shot confetti swirling in ice blue air.


At last, unscarred & clean, I understand.

I know why one soul was born---lean & blessed,

supple & strong: Joe DiMaggio!---

& sent to this earth on the exact same day

as Jimmy Jones, who I remember

at our door each June, blind and nodding

in unmatched plaids,

come to tune the old player piano.


Everything is explained: my grandmothers

tenderly place each note of precious truth

in a hollowed green melon, carved into a basket

I can carry, and we are blown home, completely;

and all is just as it should be

and never, until this moment, was.

                                                                  --Judith R. Robinson


links for CAROUSEL

https://www.amazon.com/Carousel-Judith-R-Robinson/dp/1929878559/ref=sr_1_1?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1488488592&sr=8-1&keywords=carousel by Judith R.Robinson




Join me at any of the above places for a glass of wine, some stimulating thought, and some fun!

Thanks for clicking in!   xo Judy


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April 03, 2017
The poem "Heaven"expresses as keenly as any work I have ever encountered the longing for some transcendent truth to salve the wounds and injustices of this world. Devastating. Thank you.