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by alongtheserivers
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Philip Pearlstein's cover for ALONG THESE RIVERS
Philip Pearlstein's cover for ALONG THESE RIVERS

Hello Poetry Lovers,

Late spring through early summer is the right time for swinging fully into life. I like to tell my students that one sure way to enhance living is through the arts--music, drama, dance, visual art, photography--and of course, literature.

Poetry is literature at its most precise. Nothing else delivers so much in so few words. Read this brief line of poetry--you will see what I mean:

"I care not for heaven, and fear not hell, if I can have but the kisses of his proud, young mouth."

In this line Maureen Fox reveals a great deal about her love for a man, and a great deal about herself. Instead of the cliche, "madly in love," we have a moving example of what that feels like---as well as the speaker's personality: impetuous, proud, headstrong, and yes, indeed, "madly in love," and willing to risk so very much for that love.

We know more about Maureen Fox in one line of good poetry than we might know of a person we meet with for an hour of conversation.

This said, I am inviting you readers to be entertained and have some horizons expanded through poetry at some upcoming Pittsburgh events.

The first event will take place at a church---interesting since I, (part of whose work is concerned with an American Jew's view of the Holocaust, and with Israel) will be reading there. I consider this type of forum an especially important one, as it affords an opportunity to share ideas and perceptions of Jewishness, with both a Jewish and non-Jewish audience.

On June 10, at 7:30 pm, at The South Side Presbyterian Church Coffee House, 1926 Sarah St., South Side, Michael Wurster (founder of Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange, and widely-published award winning poet) and I will be reading our own poems, as well as work from ALONG THESE RIVERS: POETRY AND PHOTOGRAPHY FROM PITTSBURGH, which is the anthology we co-edited, published by Quadrant Press in 2009, in celebration of the 250th anniversary of the city of Pittsburgh. Copies of the anthology will be available, as will refreshments. A $5 donation is suggested, but not required.

The second reading I would like to recommend is part of a long-standing series, HEMINGWAY'S SUMMER POETRY SERIES. On Tuesday, June 28, at 8:00 pm, I will again be reading, this time with Pittsburgh poets Arlene Weiner, Walt Peterson and Sankar Roy. 

Each of these is a fine, well-published writer, and I am pleased to join them. I can recommend the entire series---each Tuesday from now throughout July--a trio or quartet of poets will present at Hemingways'. The address is 3911 Forbes Ave. Oakland. Admission is free. Food and drinks available for purchase, as well as books by the poets.

I invite you all to come to both, or whichever event best suits your schedule. Please say hello, I'd love to meet you, and sign a copy of a book--or just a napkin--for you.

And thanks for clicking in.


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Boris Morris
May 31, 2011
These writers and poets and very giving of their time to treat the listener to thiir works and ideas. It`s free to attend, so lets get a little bit of culture and support the arts we are being given weekly. And while we listen how about sipping a glass of wine or a cold beer, so Hemmingways can keep putting this event on.
May 20, 2011
Summer evenings at Hemmingways, takes me back many years when we sat around, drank beer, and listened to "beatnick" poets spout off as they created a way of living and life for many who heard their works. A new generation that questioned authority, but I am sure that these poets do not have that in mind, just plasure at enjoying their efforts and time.