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by alongtheserivers
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Hello Poetry Lovers,

I am pleased today to add a final blog post for the year 2016. Such a year! (as my grandmother would say)

I don't write about politics, I write about poetry. These two subjects are worlds apart from each other, for me, although I (very occasionally) and many others do in fact write political poems. And since I have observed over time that traits do tend to cluster, I can't help but notice that many poets are political liberals, Democrats who supported Clinton and who are now in abject despair over the election of Trump.

To them, particularly my fellow Jewish poets, I have one word to say and that is: Israel.

From a memory a few years ago of Hillary Clinton kissing Mrs. Arafat, to President Obama's petty, although dangerous vindictiveness at the UN, (and the list could go on) I will simply quote President-Elect Donald Trump's recent tweet to Israel: "Stay strong. January 20th is coming soon."

I don't usually speculate on why some American Jews blindly follow people and positions that are clearly against their own self-interest. Really, that is a subject for psychiatrists to answer. But the subject intrigues.

So while I don't write about politics, I do write about the phenomenon described above.  

Such a poem will appear in a forthcoming collection, "CAROUSEL," by Lummox Press. I will have more to say about the book in another posting. For now, and I will share the poem, which attempts to address the mind set of many co-religionists.



“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.” --Saul Bellow

“That Netanyahu is such a troublemaker!”  --Esther Skirboll


deny the audacious faces

hide away from the bold defenders

disavow them, never swear never again

do not expect a place at the table

you know you will be despised

you know you will be punished

you know you will be called pariah


dig deep into any nether world dark enough;

scurry along with bats and insects

into the plum black of the cave

never let the sun dance on your head

or the moon flush you out

never let them unwittingly betray you


the world will not condone strength

do not condone it yourself

do not make mayhem

do more than smile and bow

do more than join the chorus

with all your heart

with all your might

suckle up crawl inside

make mad crazy love with the enemy

& be not afraid; perhaps you will survive.

this is the lesson history has taught you.


                                                     --Judith R. Robinson


That's my take on those whose concerns do not include the continued existence of the state of Israel.

I believe I'm in good company with Saul Bellow.

Thanks for clicking in. xo Judy




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January 01, 2017
To open the New Year with mind, heart and soul ablasin is the

best testimony to you true character and courageous nature. Thanks from those of us who share your perspective but don't

have your voice. Gefferson
January 01, 2017
Brave of you, Ms. R, to take on politics & poetry. It's been dismaying to me to witness how our Jewish people have excused President Obama's wrongheaded and undermining behavior toward Israel. The fact is, Israel's interests and America's are aligned, and to side against Israel at this precarious time is to side against democracy, peace, and civilization. I commend your courage and clear-sightedness.