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by alongtheserivers
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By Scott Bauer, USDA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Scott Bauer, USDA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Hello Poetry Lovers,


This year is starting off as an extraordinarily busy one for me. I am delighted to announce the publication of a new collection of poems and stories titled CAROUSEL, from Lummox Press. Soon I will blog some information about the reading/appearance schedule I will follow to introduce the book. Please stay tuned!

Poetry readings don't hold vast appeal----but you, my readers, are special: I suspect you already know that many, many literate people are not drawn to poetry; our readership, as well as our live poetry presentations do not command mass audiences. On this subject I like to quote the late, witty Polish poet, Wislawa Zymborska, who asked: "Oh Muse, where are our crowds?"

Zymborska then goes on in her poem to humorously contrast the number of audience members at her reading to that of any boxing match!

Of course there are lots of reasons for this, one of which is the sometime "inaccessibility" of certain modern poetries---but that is a subject for another day.

The point here is that I ask you, poetry devotees, to please accept the mantle of specialness---you are very select group.

So I suspect you know that our local paper, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, has continually published a "Saturday Poem," for many years. Kudos to them for that! I am grateful to them, and especially wish to thank their current poetry editor, Lori Jakiela, herself a wonderfully talented writer/poet, for this past Saturday's publication. Hope you enjoy a commonly shared, human "dilemma".


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Saturday Poem:
February 4, 2017

As children

our willing hearts

encompass them.

Fluffy lambs frolic

across Little Golden pages

so do the tiny piglets.

We learn to say baa, baa

oink, oink, oink

and smile.

But behind our lips

our own baby teeth come in

and fall out like wisdom.

We grow canines

those teeth that tear flesh

and it is constantly time to eat.


                           — Judith R. Robinson


Thanks for clicking in! xo Judy


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