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The Beet-Eating Heeb Has Arrived
by thebeeteatingheeb
 The Beet-Eating Heeb
Feb 07, 2012 | 3754 views | 1 1 comments | 44 44 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Welcome to the Beet-Eating Heeb Blog, which aspires to be nothing less than your Web address for meaningful discussions of food issues.

The Beet-Eating Heeb (BEH for short) lives at the intersection of Judaism and vegetarianism, very close to veganism. But this blog is for every Jew who cares about the implications of their food choices.

The Chronicle and BEH hope to fill a void in the Pittsburgh corner of cyberspace. We know of no other local blog that is exploring food issues from the perspectives of Torah, personal health, the environment, and animal welfare.

Our goal is to make every post enlightening, thought-provoking and, most of all, interactive. On our travels across the World Wide Web, we’ve noticed that wherever there is a blog or article about the relative merits of vegetarianism and carnivorism, spirited debate follows in the comment field. The Beat-Eating Heeb wants to bring the exchange of ideas and information to the Pittsburgh shtetlsphere, albeit with more light and less heat than found elsewhere.

We originally intended to call this blog The Ambitious Beet-Eating Heeb, because our plans are indeed ambitious. But saying “Beet-Eating Heeb” is hard enough.

So what is so ambitious about this blog? Well, here is some of what you can expect to find here in the weeks and months ahead:

·         A serious examination of what the Torah has to say about food. As it turns out, the laws of kashrut are only part of the story.

·         A curating and analysis of news about food issues, especially as they relate to the four perspectives listed above. And there is plenty of news on the food front.

·         Interviews with rabbis, food experts, activists, vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, pescatarians and carnivores. But we draw the line at freegans. (Google it, and you’ll understand.)

·         A dose of humor. While the consequences of industrial food production are rather sobering, The Beet-Eating Heeb (BEH for short) enjoys a chuckle as much as the next beet-eating guy.

Some of you may know The Beet-Eating Heeb as an employee of a pre-eminent nonprofit organization in our community. So we want to clearly say, any opinions expressed by this blogger are entirely his own, not those of his employer. To reinforce this point, The Beet-Eating Heeb will write this blog on evenings and Sundays, never at work.

BEH intends to post every two weeks, so please come back at least twice a month.

In the meantime, enjoy a beet!


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Lee Chottiner
February 07, 2012
Kol Tuv Jeff. I'm hooked!