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  GoodPoems - Poetry — music in concert with ideas. A blog by Judith R. Robinson.
HAIKU, ANYONE? by alongtheserivers
Hello Poetry Fans, Here is the best known poem in Japan, actually, most famous haiku ever written: old pond a frog leaps in water’s sound                   Matuso Basho —- 1644-1694   Some say that...
GA9E_image.png MUSIC IN POETRY by alongtheserivers
Hello Poetry Lovers, Poets make more use of sound than do other writers.  Perfectly good prose does not have to be musical--but good poetry, including modern free verse, is greatly enhanced by soun...
DEFINING THE MAGIC by alongtheserivers
Hello Poetry Lovers,    Here is something wise and funny; enjoy---   DEFINING THE MAGIC   A good poem is like a cold beer When you need it, A good poem is a hot turkey Sandwich when you’re hungry A...